Personal update

So lately i have been super busy. I do this a lot to myself. Possibly a coping mechanism for when I am overwhelmed with negative feelings, I throw myself into a new project. Keep busy, it will all go away, mentality, I’m sure. Nether the less, I moved house, I moved areas, county even. I have moved back home.

I had recently been visiting a Councillor, and she had said that making a life changing decision, now, was not a great idea. The problem with that, is that this idea had already been in my head, plans were happening, but I kept discussing it all like it wasn’t final. Nothing is, you see. Although the decision was made, I agonised over it for weeks. Making the plans, but questioning them too. This is a massive move. It needed to be thought about from all angles.

Thankfully, I’m glad I did. The situation may not be perfect, but I am where I want to be. Coming back to my roots has made a massive difference for me. I think being mum can trap you, so being near family is perfect. I have more freedom to “pop out” in the evening. I can feel changes, and I feel happy.

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