It’s OK, to NOT be OK.

Recently we had mental awareness week, which I think is great. It is very important to educate people who do not suffer that there are people who do and it is not always visable, but it is there, and its OK.

I’m not sure if I’m alone when I say…. It Bull#@£#!

What this means is… It is OK that you don’t feel ok. It is OK that you are suffering, it is OK to get help…

But not okay to talk about it to anyone ?

For myself, I know I’m suffering, I know I need help, and I know it will get better… Eventually. That’s OK.

But when I try to talk about how I feel with people around me, family or friends, it not OK. In my mind the more people know, the more they will understand me and accept that somedays I need to be alone, or I am not myself. This is so wrong! The more I have tried to explain what’s going on in my head, the more the people around me have tried to advise me……

  • Just snap out of it
  • Try harder
  • Stop making excuses
  • Don’t you think we’ve all been there
  • It is hard having children
  • Just get out
  • Just go make more friends
  • You shouldn’t be leaving your kids

Thankyou… But honestly, do you think you’re helping?

Judging me (not advising) is not helpful.

Im just trying to survive, I am just trying to find moments of peace. It is an illness, I am not in control. I CANNOT JUST STOP IT.

So to everyone that isn’t OK. It is OK to feel this way, but choose who you talk to. Not everyone needs to know or understand. Seek a Councillor or your doctor or that one supportive friend.

Not everyone will get it, But it’s OK.

You will be OK xx