Box room result

OK, welcome back.

My last post was about my small box room, and the amount of clutter in there. It was a dumping ground. It was also always changing haha I wanted it to be an office, then a guest room, then my girls bedroom, then maybe I could have an office gym combo……….. GOSH!! TALK ABOUT MY CLUUTERED MIND

So I walked in and worked my way around the room. Sorti g through every box, bag and corner, and finally got the room emptied. All that was left was the bed. I had planned to dismantle and have as an office.. .

……. But.

I then thought, let’s just see if my youngest would sleep in here. So I got on marketplace, found a free coffee table and put that in the corner with a mirror I already had above it. Added a stool, that I already had, and dahdah. Dressing table.

I had a cube unit in here, which I could use for clothes. For now I left her clothes in the other bedroom. That system works, and until I know she is definitely going to sleep in here I wasn’t going to move all the clothes around. So I just added some books and a couple of her toys. And another marketplace lamp bargain, (wall flower from ikea) which she loves.

The room looks super cute without very much effort in decor. I already had frames on the wall and a light. I just left all of those and put up the old curtains.t

The plan now is to see how she gets o. Sleeping In here. If she likes it and it works for me for bedtime routine, I will tackle the wardrobe.

I’m rubbish….. Because I’m surrounded by rubbish

Hey guys. I’m back, and I want to talk about clutter. My mind has gotten more cluttered lately…. And it’s because I’m surrounded by clutter!

Oh my goodness! I wanted to declutter over a year ago and I knew I needed to do it, but I just don’t have the motivation. This is going to change…… Right now!! I am going to get on this train and set my self goals and calm my mind so I can focus. At the moment I look at my house as one space and it just utterly overwhelms me.

So no more!! Room by room I’m going to get this done. If any of you have been on a declutter journey, leave me a comment, any tips?

I constantly try to start in the play room and I move it around, try to pack some things away. I tell myself I will rotate toys so my kids actually play……. Its endless and it’s never right. So I am going to go from top to bottom. I am going to start in my spare room. My theory is this is the dumping ground. This is the room the stuff I don’t use a lot goes or the stuff I need to sort. Those clothes that don’t fit the kids anymore, the decor I’ve switched out. So……… Theoretically….. This room should be easy right?!

I start tonight, so watch this space. I will be taking you on this journey with me! Wish me luck 🙂

Floor beds

So iv been at it again. Jumped into another room without finishing the last…. But it couldn’t wait.

Adelyn is coming up 14 months but has recently started getting very unhappy when she is in her cot. She is very independent and is most definitely my little explorer, so being confined is not for her anymore.

Despite being a fab climber and explorer, and having just started walking, I don’t think she Is ready to climb down and out of a bed.

After having adelyn I was looking for ideas to help my eldest feel a bit special as she was my baby and is a real mummy’s girl. I stubble across montessori, and so many of the principles made sense to me. Even the idea of a floorbed. Why cage your baby? If the room is 100‰safe, why not let them explore? They don’t need to cry for someone to get her, she can independently get out of bed and entertain herself.

So for now…. I decided a floor bed makes so much sense. This also means though that my eldest needs to go on the floor too. They share a room, so I can’t let adelyn climb on to Eliza’s bed and fall. So I dismantled both the cot and Eliza’s bed, and had my handy husband cut the legs off the bed. We then put the feet back on and voila! A beautiful floor bed for Eliza. Adelyn is on the base of the cot, just with no sides, and a draught excluder underneath the mattress protector, just so when she is sleeping, she can feel where the bed ends, but she can crawl out of it no problem.

What do you think?

Finding time

I have this goal to clear my house by Christmas. I want to kon Marie every room, only keeping what I love. My hope is by the end every item will have a home, that is easy to access so everything can be put away. Does anyone just have thing accumulate around the house?

I tend to get a pile of paperwork build. I hate paperwork. I need a system so as it comes in the house it can be homed. What system do you all use? I’d love some Inspiration.

Getting back to my plan. I started decluttering my wardrobe. All going great, but I have a lot of random thi gs in my room, things that need to be homed, I put in my room because I like the rest of the house tidy. ?

I made a good dent on my bedroom, lots of bags to charity, cleared away most of my jewelry, because let’s face it, I have kids and never wear it anymore. Started clearing out all from under my ottoman bed.

There is still lots to do, and I’m struggling to find the time, and loose enthusiasm if I can’t get it done and see the results. I’m pretty impatient I guess. Haha please send help!