Box room result

OK, welcome back.

My last post was about my small box room, and the amount of clutter in there. It was a dumping ground. It was also always changing haha I wanted it to be an office, then a guest room, then my girls bedroom, then maybe I could have an office gym combo……….. GOSH!! TALK ABOUT MY CLUUTERED MIND

So I walked in and worked my way around the room. Sorti g through every box, bag and corner, and finally got the room emptied. All that was left was the bed. I had planned to dismantle and have as an office.. .

……. But.

I then thought, let’s just see if my youngest would sleep in here. So I got on marketplace, found a free coffee table and put that in the corner with a mirror I already had above it. Added a stool, that I already had, and dahdah. Dressing table.

I had a cube unit in here, which I could use for clothes. For now I left her clothes in the other bedroom. That system works, and until I know she is definitely going to sleep in here I wasn’t going to move all the clothes around. So I just added some books and a couple of her toys. And another marketplace lamp bargain, (wall flower from ikea) which she loves.

The room looks super cute without very much effort in decor. I already had frames on the wall and a light. I just left all of those and put up the old curtains.t

The plan now is to see how she gets o. Sleeping In here. If she likes it and it works for me for bedtime routine, I will tackle the wardrobe.