I’m rubbish….. Because I’m surrounded by rubbish

Hey guys. I’m back, and I want to talk about clutter. My mind has gotten more cluttered lately…. And it’s because I’m surrounded by clutter!

Oh my goodness! I wanted to declutter over a year ago and I knew I needed to do it, but I just don’t have the motivation. This is going to change…… Right now!! I am going to get on this train and set my self goals and calm my mind so I can focus. At the moment I look at my house as one space and it just utterly overwhelms me.

So no more!! Room by room I’m going to get this done. If any of you have been on a declutter journey, leave me a comment, any tips?

I constantly try to start in the play room and I move it around, try to pack some things away. I tell myself I will rotate toys so my kids actually play……. Its endless and it’s never right. So I am going to go from top to bottom. I am going to start in my spare room. My theory is this is the dumping ground. This is the room the stuff I don’t use a lot goes or the stuff I need to sort. Those clothes that don’t fit the kids anymore, the decor I’ve switched out. So……… Theoretically….. This room should be easy right?!

I start tonight, so watch this space. I will be taking you on this journey with me! Wish me luck 🙂

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