In this world everyone has the right to judge you, or do they? Why do we give other people the power to have even a slither of control in what we do with our lives?

I have come to realise a lot of people live unhappy because “what would they think”, or “what would they say” is the norm.

Who actually cares!! I know we all do a little… But we really need to hit a point where we realise if you live like that, will you ever be happy?

It’s time to be brave and to take control. What other people think doesn’t matter. They see what you show them. Let’s face it, people only see the pretty shop window of you, so really should be not be given an opinion. You could be in the darkest time of your life but walk around with a smile on your face, so the people you see (and listen to) have a false sense of your life.

Be honest with yourself and then with others. Life is short, don’t waste it trying to appease others. So go it alone with your choices.

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