So…… Let’s talk relationships.
If you are among those who suffer with some form of depression, anxiety etc, you may have noticed…… It kinda takes its toll on your current relationships.

This is something I have actually avoided writing about, as it’s private, and wasn’t public knowledge within our family and friends circle.

I feel its something that will happen to a lot of other people…… And also stemmed  my other posts. (mum gulit and judgement).

Lets begin….. During my pregnancy I was quite poorly, and I think my partner felt…. Powerless. He didn’t know how to help, or what to do or say, so he took over as much as he could with the house chores, and taking care of our eldest daughter. (was fantastic) but this left a hole where we didn’t see each other, because I was always in bed, and he didn’t talk to me because he just didn’t know what to say, because words couldn’t help ??‍♀️ (I’m guessing)
So this hole grew and grew.

Roll forward…….
Im mum of two girls, stay at home mum, with a not so strong partnership with my other half.
I think for a lot of couples this can be fixed. By Seeking help from doctors, friends and family, because although some issues are medical, a lot of the problems may require time together. (super easy with 2 tiny people in the house)

Unfortunately for us, this part of our lives changed both of us a lot, and we’re different people on the other side.

Remember there is no such thing as normal. It is your life, it can look however you want it to. Try to ignore the judgement from others, and find a path that suits your family. It’s not always perfect, but for us, our unusual set up works, and the kids are happy. Which at the end of the day is what is important ?

*Stay tuned for the Next posts…. My new situation opens up research into the world of online dating ? and parental set ups ?

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