This year so far…

So the first week of January has come and gone, the Christmas tree is out on the street for the bin man, and the house is beginning to look respectable again. (aside of the work still to be done)

For this year, I have decided to spend more time focusing on me. I don’t mean hair nails and silly luxurious treats. I mean my well being, my mental health. So first on my list is hobbies.

I am going to take up pilates and photography.(if I can get a camera)

One of these for my body the other for my mind and creativity.

Will keep you updated how this goes ofcourse. I have had my first pilates class already, and I must say…… Was really enjoyable. After only just one class my body feels lighter and I felt energised. I’m feeling positive.

I am definitely on the right path 😁

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