Sun’s out— let’s garden

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip horary!!! About time!!!

It is boiling! So I am staying inside ?

How many can relate to this? We crave the sun, but in reality with a baby…. It is too hot. If we’re lucky An hour in the morning and again in the afternoon and that’s it to be truthful. I do however have my patio doors wide open, the windows open and it feels lovely. The air is blowing through and with massive window at one end of my living room and the patio the other, it feels outdoorsy.

We do tend to have dinner outside when the weather is like this, it’s just starting to cool and we get a nice family play outside after. Tonight we did some gardening.

I am craving a beautiful garden. Another area up in my head has that circling everytime the sun shines haha I’d like the eating area to be cute with a feature on the wall and string lights hanging above. The kids area to be awesome and colourful and then an area that is a garden, not just grass…. That is the dream.

The garden is quite high on my list. It’s such a necessity with the girls. I think being outside really boosts my mood, even just having the doors open. No TV, just pottering about, listening to swaying trees and the birds.

My goodness… I am getting old.