Parenting setup

Let’s talk setup. What happens if a relationship breaks down, and you have a mortgage, and two children, you’re a stay home mum……. What would you do?

I think for a lot of people, they will look at us and ask “… So what’s the plan?”. It’s unusual, yes, but we have an unusual situation. We are friends!
I know, I know, shocking!

In our relationship, we had drifted apart. We no longer had a romantic love connection, but being friends has never been a problem for us. So our current plan is to live together and raise our girls. We have separate rooms and have separated some days to spend with the kids but we share our home and chores and parenting.

Yes, it will not be forever. For now, this works. We both get to see our girls everyday, we both get time to socialise and our children are safe and happy. Win win.

There is no size fits all. Be free to do things your own way to suit yourselves.

I worry that society has imprinted this scenario that no matter what mums have the kids. So if the relationship breaks down, we should just pack up and leave with them.  What if you have no where to go? Should we stay and pretend we are a happy family to the outside for the kids? Should we leave our kids with their dad and leave the unhappy home? There are other options and it is down to the individuals to decide. Not society or nosey Jane from down the street.

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