Jumping through thoughts

Heyyyy So in true Becky form, my mind has now jumped to viewing the whole room rather than just concentrating on my wardrobe.My problem with my bedroom is that we have purple carpet. This was here when we moved in, I hate it but can’t afford to switch it rights now. Even if we could we have a blooming heavy ottoman bed which I doubt the carpet fitters would be too enthusiastic about working around.What can I do with this? I have tried to stick to a grey white and blush colour palette thinking this doesn’t completely clash with the carpet… It’s OK! The next problem is my curtains. Iv lent some from my mum for now as again… Curtains can be expensive and I want to get the ‘right’ ones for the room.The next problem is there are fitted wardrobes, again Inherited from the previous owners. They are grey and oddly fitted and to me, just make the room feel dark. Obviously handy, but just annoying. We can barley get the doors open as they then touch the bed, so awkward.You see how my mind works? I try to fix one problem which then gets me thinking about something else which is a decision, That cannot be made until something else has been changed.My endless battle with myself, in my head, never getting anywhere. I go to bed thinking about all these annoying things, and in the morning, I look around……. And my mind does it all over again. I need help. I need someone to focus me. I’m hoping you all reading will help.Tomorrow is another day. What should be the days area to target???Your thoughts welcome ☺️night-night.Love BXX