Dating Apps…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would touch on the subject of dating Apps. These things are getting a bed rep if I’m honest. There seem to be few on them using them for their intended purpose… (finding love) they are to find a hook up. Which I personally find hilarious, as most girls I know, are using apps because all the guys they meet “out out” just want a one nighter too. So what do we need to do?…….. Be honest! That’s what! And I am talking with yourself, and then stay true to that. What is it you want from this app??

So before I get into my experience, I want to address the haters who think jumping from relationship to dating apps it wrong. This is ofcourse true for a lot of people. (unless you want to use for rebound…. No judgement!) I believe if you are using the apps to find a relationship, you need to be in the right place for that. I had been unhappy a while, hiding it quite well too, so a lot of my friends and family may be shocked I jumped straight into dating.

Part of my journey during my depression was realising what I wanted. I wanted to find love, yes, and the person that I felt completely connected to, that doted on me as much as I them, and feel the passion for someone I never had before. So I was ready to start looking straight away. What I had at the moment was a friendship. I need more.

So briefly…… My apps of choice were the infamous tinder and bumble. These are what everyone is talking about so why not start there. I had some interesting conversations. Some men are very direct and know exactly what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. (good for you btw) but if it wasn’t for me, I said! There is no point just messaging just for the attention. Also, don’t be so desperate for “someone” that you agree to dates for the hell of it. Know what you want, stay true to it and keep looking until you find it.

I think iv said enough for today, maybe I’ll go into more examples next time. ? (message me your experience)

But my point is, don’t bend on what your looking for. Don’t go “casual” if it not what you want. Good luck!