It’s NOT a Dirty Word

Post-natal Depression.

The explanation I was given to why I felt the way I felt. so stuck, so trapped, so tired, so overwhelmed, so blinded, so sad, so lazy, so lonely, so isolated, so antisocial…. (the list could go on.)

The fix? Antidepressants. They have helped me through, but they will not fix me

I think post natal depression is a term used when they can’t explain what’s happening. Us women are amazing. Look at what our bodies go through to create life. Is it any wonder our heads get a little foggy after?

Our bodies change, our minds change, our lives now have to change, our goals change, our purpose is now changed, our ambition changes. (maybe not for everyone, but for me)

So now I’m struggling through all these changes, which trigger new thoughts, new goals, new realisations, new doubts and my head is dizzy buzzing about 100mph 24/7.

So don’t be ashamed of this term. We need to Own it, and talk about it. Of course I can say this now, coming out the other side (just about) but I wouldn’t have back then. It means different things to different people, and everyone experiences it differently. The same as everyone has different ideas of what it means, but who cares what people think. They don’t know. It’s something Inside ME. It’s not my kids, my husband, my mum or anything else. This is mine.

Talking to my friends, and other mums is what has helped me get through this year.

You know who you are and I am so thankful to have you in my life. ❤

Im not going to go In to massive details about my depression. Its not really what I want this blog to be about. I just felt, the reason behind starting this blog should be known. I need to get this all out, so I can move forward.

So during my year of struggling through, just going through the motions, and fighting for air. I have had moments of reflection.

What do I want to do now? where do I want to work? can I work? What makes me unhappy? What can I change?

The moment of clarity – only I can change these things. OMG!

So little by little, I’m clearing through the Clutter in my head. Whether it’s work, bedrooms, kids toys, home improvement, wardrobe, garden…… The list goes on.

So now I take control. Im sorting. I’m making changes. I’m finding my path

I will find my happiness!

(and be Clutter free in the process. -Mind and home)

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